Terms and Conditions

The present Terms and Conditions document outlines the rules that all site users must adhere to while using xBitcoin Club and all of its sub-pages. These Terms apply to an equal degree to all site users without exception.



xBitcoin Capex Club site users must abide by the Terms and Conditions hereby stipulated. Should you disagree with any clauses of the present Agreement, you must discontinue using our website(s). Your continued interaction with our web pages will be seen as formal consent to this Terms and Conditions Agreement.

Terms Used

Within this document, we may also refer to XBTC Club with first-person pronouns such as “us”, “we”, or “our(s)”, as well as terms such as “this website”, “the website”, “the company,” and more. Likewise, we shall refer to our customers in the second person and also through synonyms of the term “user” or “client.”

Age Restrictions

All xBitcoin Capex App users must be of age. If you are below the legal age limit in your country (18 or 21, depending on your jurisdiction), you cannot use our services due to your inability to provide consent. Underaged persons must discontinue the use of our site.

Last updated: December 9, 2022.

Risk Disclaimer


xBitcoin Capex Club is a simple affiliate marketing tool and not a financial brokerage company. We do not require, accept, or process any payments from or for our customers. In addition, we are not software developers, and there is no xBitcoin Capex App trading platform that you can use to directly access the financial markets. Moreover, xBitcoin Club is not a licensed financial advisor and does not provide investment consultations. The information we share on our website should not be used as grounds for making investment or financial decisions of any kind.

Scope of Services

xBitcoin Club is a marketing company that serves as an intermediary between prospective traders and brokerages with whom we have affiliate partnerships. Our third-party partner brokers provide a wide scope of financial services that can allow you to access the financial markets and create an investment portfolio using different assets, such as cryptocurrencies, foreign currency pairs, company shares, and more.

All xBitcoin Capex Club does for clients is alert you to the existence of these brokers and potential market opportunities, and provide a way for you to connect to such companies if you wish to pursue trading. Upon registration for XBTC Club, our algorithm will randomly assign you to one of our affiliate partner brokers, which is a free service. At this point, the client can decide whether they wish to move forward with any investment or commercial activities related to the broker or not. All such endeavours fall strictly outside the scope of XBTC Capex Club’s activities. Creating an xBitcoin Capex App account is not binding and does not require a mandatory investment.

Customers are free to decide whether they wish to pursue any trading or commercial activities with the broker we assign to them. It is the client’s responsibility to confirm their assigned brokerage is legally allowed to offer financial services in their country of residence, as this is not something xBitcoin Capex App’s algorithm can account for. Always do your own in-depth research into any broker you are considering using and the local investment guidelines in your region.

Investing in crypto or other assets puts your capital at risk. The user understands that any outcome, whether a win or a loss, is the result of their own decision-making and is thus their own responsibility. xBitcoin Club will not be liable for the results of your trading choices.


XBTC Capex Club has affiliate partners that operate in various regions around the world. Our algorithm pairs customers with companies within our database randomly. We receive commission fees paid by other partners for successful customer referrals, regardless of each trader’s performance or outcomes.

Website Content

xBitcoin Club contains introductory-level information about the cryptocurrency markets, which is provided solely for educational purposes. Be aware that none of this content is intended as investment advice and should not be used as the basis of any trading decisions.

Moreover, we cannot guarantee that the content you see is complete, accurate, truthful, or relevant at the time you see it. The financial markets change and evolve quickly, so our website content might not always reflect the most recent developments in the industry.

The client is in charge of any investment decisions they make and agrees that XBTC Capex Club is not responsible in any way for the user’s choices or actions.

Geographical Limitations

Note that the ability to access our website does not necessarily mean our services are compatible with the cryptocurrency legislation in your country. There may be local restrictions that limit what you are permitted to do with cryptocurrencies in some countries. For instance, in the United Kingdom, the FCA has implemented PS 20/10, which prohibits the marketing of CFD-based trading instruments to UK residents from companies located abroad. Similar laws exist in the United States, parts of Canada, and other countries. We do not advertise our services to or accept clients from these regions at present. Users are responsible for checking what the regulations are in their country before availing of our services.

Affiliate Disclaimer

Our content may sometimes include affiliate links to third-party web pages. If our customers use these links and consequently spend money on the websites they lead to, xBitcoin Club will earn a commission. XBTC Club does not add any extra expenses or charge additional fees related to the use of affiliate links.

Users agree that xBitcoin Club is free from any liability regarding potential losses or damages they may incur after they use one or more of our affiliate links. The compensation xBitcoin Capex Club receives from its affiliate partners in no way depends on your trading results. You understand that we may be compensated even if you incur losses.

Website Use

Interruptions of Service

xBitcoin Club continues to strive to offer a reliable website service with high-quality products for our clients to enjoy. However, we cannot provide any assurances that you will not run into bugs or errors when using XBTC Capex Club.

Sometimes technical issues may occur over the course of the regular functioning of our website. When such problems appear suddenly, the xBitcoin Capex App team would need to carry out urgent maintenance work to solve them. Furthermore, we may limit your access to XBTC Club for planned repairs and improvements when making changes to our website content or structure. Most technical work on our website would require a temporary interruption in our service.

Though we shall strive to keep our customers informed about any scheduled maintenance and possible interruptions of service, xBitcoin Club may carry out such activities without prior notice at its own discretion.

Third-Party Links

To offer additional information about cryptocurrencies, trading, or the financial markets in general, we may sometimes include links to third-party websites. Any information provided this way is purely for educational purposes and should not be considered investment advice. XBTC Capex Club cannot guarantee that we have verified the content on these websites for accuracy or truthfulness. You should always do your due diligence and conduct additional research to confirm the information found on such resources.

We kindly remind you that xBitcoin Club is not liable for any potential losses or damages that may be related, either directly or indirectly, to your use of our website content or content on third-party websites we may have linked to, or due to interruptions in the service of such sites or XBTC Club.

Content Changes

xBitcoin Capex Club reserves the right to make updates and amendments to any of its website content, including the present Terms and Conditions document. We may make such changes with or without notifying our clients in advance.

All amendments become valid as soon as they are published live on xBitcoin Club. We advise our users to check back regularly to ensure they have read the most recent version of our content. Should you continue to use XBTC Capex Club after we have made any changes, your usage will be considered informed consent to all amendments.

Intellectual Property

All website content on xBitcoin Club and its sub-pages, including text, images, videos, audio, code, and more, belongs to us unless we have credited a third-party source as the owner. Users are not allowed to copy, modify, or distribute our website content on other web pages, either for free or against monetary compensation.

If you believe you need to use our content on a third-party site, you must contact the XBTC Capex Club team in advance and procure our explicit consent. We may not accept every request for such cooperation.

You can, however, print out the content on XBTC Club for your own personal usage.

Exemption of Liability

xBitcoin Club is not liable for any potential negative outcomes that may be related to:


Our users are welcome to reach out to us with any inquiries or feedback they have regarding xBitcoin Club and our services. You can find out how to reach us on the Contact Us page of the xBitcoin Capex App website.

Use of Cookies on XBTC Club

The xBitcoin Capex App website uses cookies. Please consult our detailed Cookie Policy if you need more information than is provided in the following section.

Cookies are essential to the normal functioning of our website. These small text files generated by our servers and stored on your device to tell you apart from other users enable some functionalities on the xBitcoin Capex App site and provide valuable insights about our web page’s performance.

You will encounter three kinds of cookies on our site:

Functional cookies

This type of cookie is quintessential to the proper functioning of some services on the xBitcoin Capex App website, such as auto-fill-in suggestions or saving your credentials for a faster login upon subsequent returns. Disabling functional cookies can severely limit what you can do on our website and make certain services completely unavailable to you.

Google Analytics cookies

We use Google Analytics cookies to learn more about the demographic makeup of our user base, their preferences, and browsing habits. This information is not used to identify individual clients, but to instead create user segments, so we may understand the different types of users engaging with XBTC Capex Club and how we may best be of service to each one. Thanks to the information gleaned through Google Analytics, we can optimise xBitcoin Capex Club and curate our content to better suit your needs and browsing habits.

Third-party cookies

We may also use cookies that belong to our affiliate partners in order to better bridge your browsing experience on xBitcoin Club and their third-party sites.

For the best possible interaction with the xBitcoin Capex App website, we recommend that our users accept cookies. Nevertheless, you have the right to refuse cookie use. You may set your cookie preferences directly in the pop-up window regarding cookie use on your first visit to XBTC Capex Club or from your browser’s settings.

Compliance with the Law

xBitcoin Club users must agree to follow the Terms stipulated here, together with the laws of their country. In addition, we request that site users use respectful language and refrain from including any derogatory, hateful, or offensive speech in their communication with XBTC Club or our other site users. You must also not post or send any harmful content, such as viruses or malware, that may harm the software or hardware of xBitcoin Capex Club or our other users.

In cases where the xBitcoin Capex App team detects any violations of the present Terms and Conditions, or there are sufficient grounds to suspect that a crime may have been committed by a user of ours, we shall proceed with the appropriate measures. At our discretion, xBitcoin Club may involve the authorities if the user’s offence demands such a response.

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