Privacy Policy

The present Privacy Policy explains how xBitcoin Capex Club collects data from its users and the methods by which this data is then processed. Guided by our legitimate interest in providing reliable marketing services, xBitcoin Capex App gathers data only insofar as it is necessary for the fulfilment of our contracts with our clients and the technical maintenance and improvement of our website(s). All data collection and processing related to your use of xBitcoin Capex App are in accordance with the applicable data protection laws.


Purpose of This Policy

This Privacy Policy aims to clarify how xBitcoin Capex App collects, uses, stores, and protects personal information that our users share over the course of their interaction with our website and services. In addition, it will also offer an overview of the users’ data protection rights.

The following legal terms should be understood according to the definitions included in this Privacy Policy:


Collecting Your Personal Data

It is necessary for XBTC Capex to gather some data from its users in order to provide the high-quality services advertised on our website. We collect users’ Personal Data in the following ways:

When the client willingly provides personal information through the use of our site:

Over the course of your use of the xBitcoin Capex App website and services, you may volunteer a range of Personal Data. For example, you might share your name and contact information when you fill in our registration or contact forms. Data you voluntarily provide in these ways is considered as given with your free, informed consent.

When users share Personal Data in communication with XBTC Capex Club:

Users may share additional information and Personal Data in their correspondence with xBitcoin Club. At the bare minimum, customers need to share their contact details when they reach out to us so that we know how to reach them back. Rest assured that information that is not pertinent to the fulfilment of xBitcoin Capex Club’s services will not be processed, even if you have provided it.

When cookies and other functionalities on our website gather data about users:

The xBitcoin Capex App website utilises cookies and other functionalities to monitor the technical performance of our pages and to learn about the behaviours and preferences of our client base. We do not use data collected this way to identify particular individuals but instead to study user segments collectively.

Personal Data Processing

As a company, xBitcoin Club limits its data collection and processing activities only to what is mandatory for the fulfilment of our services, the provision of a smooth browsing experience, and the research and planning of potential improvements to our website, in which we have a legitimate interest. Our collection and processing of Personal Data respect all applicable data protection legislation and your rights to privacy.

xBitcoin Capex App’s collection and processing of Personal Data are carried out on the following grounds:

Please note that xBitcoin Club is the Data Collector but not the Data Processor. We do not keep your data longer than necessary and do not store user data on our proprietary servers. When users create an account with xBitcoin Capex Club, we ask them to agree to provide their informed consent to our sending of their data to third-party Data Processors. These Data Processors are XBTC Club’s third-party broker partners, who can then use the data to register a trading account on the user’s behalf and offer various financial services through it.

In case you need further clarifications about the way your Personal Data is processed, please turn to the broker the xBitcoin Capex App platform has matched you with, as they are in charge of handling your data.

Why We Collect and Process Personal Data

XBTC Capex Club needs to collect data from its users to ensure the proper functioning of its website and to be able to provide the services we advertise to our customers.

Data collection and processing are required for the following reasons:

Cookies and Data Processing

Cookies are special files generated by our server to identify each user. They offer a range of different insights into the technical performance of our website and content, and help us understand our users better. As a result, xBitcoin Club can make improvements to deliver a smoother browsing experience to our clients.

Our customers may encounter three different types of cookies on XBTC Club.

Essential Cookies

Also known as permanent cookies, these files help enable some functionalities on our site, such as remembering logins or offering auto-fill suggestions. If you disable essential cookies, you may not experience XBTC Capex the way our developers intended and might be locked out of some services completely.

Google Analytics Cookies

xBitcoin Capex Club relies on Google Analytics to gain further insights into our user base. Though these cookies are non-essential, they are crucial for the optimisation of our website. They help xBitcoin Club see how different website content performs and what the browsing preferences of our users are, so we may deliver a more enjoyable, tailor-made experience to them in the future.

Third-party Cookies

The xBitcoin Club website also includes cookies that belong to our affiliated third-party partners.

Personal Data Storage

Any data that xBitcoin Capex Club collects from its customers is not stored on our servers. As explained above, upon account registration, the user provides their consent to XBTC Capex Club sending their data to a third-party financial broker. This brokerage company serves as the Data Processor and is tasked with handling and storing the client’s data.

Our partners respect data protection legislation such as the GDPR in their data processing activities. Nevertheless, the customer is advised to familiarise themselves with the Privacy Policy of each broker to learn more about the treatment and storage of their data.

Personal Data Protection

Our highly experienced team has implemented all the relevant industry-standard security measures on our website to ensure the comfort and safety of our customers. Moreover, xBitcoin Club does not share users’ data with any unauthorised third parties. If we are required to share your data with a third party, for example, to comply with the law, XBTC Capex Club will reach out to you and kindly ask for your consent.

Furthermore, be aware that all xBitcoin Capex App staff is under non-disclosure agreements and is not at liberty to disclose or discuss your data. Your personal information will only be visible to the bare minimum number of employees necessary for carrying out the requested services.

Nevertheless, in some rare circumstances, certain organisations and establishments, such as the legal authorities, may ask xBitcoin Club for access to some of your Personal Data. For instance, if a user becomes part of a criminal investigation to which the data XBTC Capex Club has collected about them is pertinent, we may be obligated by law to comply with that request.

Even so, XBTC Club will remain committed to carefully evaluating all requests for access to Personal Data it receives. We shall determine on a case-by-case basis whether our cooperation is indeed legally required or if the request is not legitimate. xBitcoin Club prioritises the privacy of its customers insofar as it is not overruled by the code of law in the client’s country of residence.

Sharing of Personal Data

Any time a third party needs access to your Personal Data, xBitcoin Club will inform you about it and obtain your consent.

Be aware that our third-party partners with whom we may share your data (after you have provided your informed consent) have their own Privacy Policies, which you will need to study separately as they may or may not differ from ours.

In addition, there may be other third parties xBitcoin Club shares your data with aside from brokerage companies. Such data sharing is necessary for the functioning of our business. For instance, the company that hosts the xBitcoin Capex App website is entitled by law to access some of our users’ Personal Data.

All processing, transfer, and handling of the Personal Data of XBTC Capex Club customers are done according to the GDPR and any other relevant data protection laws.

Your Data Protection Rights

According to the GDPR and similar privacy-related laws, all site users are entitled to several crucial rights:

In addition, customers have the right to:

Additional data protection legislation may apply, depending on your country of residence. If you have any further questions regarding how xBitcoin Capex Club collects and processes user data, you are welcome to use the Contact Us page to reach us. We shall respond to your inquiry at our earliest convenience and not later than within one calendar month of your filing it.


xBitcoin Capex Club reserves the right to make changes to its website and all of its sub-pages, including the present Privacy Policy. We may do this with or without notifying our customers in advance. The changes become valid as soon as they are officially published on our site. We advise you to regularly read through our terms and policies to make sure you are familiar with their latest versions. Your continued use of xBitcoin Club constitutes your formal consent to all amendments.

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